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Why participate

Reasons to join TIF

  • It aims at professionals (b2c + b2b + b2g event) and the public as well.
  • It welcomes about 285,000 people.
  • It offers numerous options for promotion and branding in its exhibition and conference venues.
  • It is an established institution the past 84 years, strongly connected to the history of the city and the country.
  • It consists of different thematic categories, products and services.
  • It provides reliable services with reasonable charges.
  • It attracts the media as no other event in the country.
  • It presents a wide range of Greek and foreign, traditional and modern products and services.
  • It hosts numerous important events of special and general interest.

Indicative statistics for participants in last year's, 83rd TIF from the Institute of Exhibition Research IEE, based on appropriate questionnaires.