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85th TIF - ‘Fair play...for the Homeland’ - Anniversary thematic exhibition

200 Years since the Greek Revolution


This year’s TIF, given the 200th anniversary celebration of the Greek Revolution, is adding to its events with a historic and cultural thematic exhibition on the first one hundred years of modern Hellenism.

The thematic exhibition is titled ‘FAIR PLAY … FOR ΤΗΕ HOMELAND’ and it presents the Revolution of 1821 in Macedonia and the rest of Greece, as well as the Macedonian Struggle and the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913, which led to the liberation of Northern Greece.

It includes texts and photographs from these periods, art, lithographs, paintings, personal objects, and letters of the leaders of the Greek revolution who led the country to freedom.

Collections: Presidential Guard of Greece, A. & L. Chaitoglou, Dimitrios Giannoglou, Dionysios Stergioulas, Athanasios Zivonis, Natalia Ioannidi, Manos Kastrinakis, Giannis Mylonas, Anastasios Liaskos, Vasilios and Nikolaos Nikoltsios, and others

The main theme of the thematic exhibition, however, is the struggle of the unnamed ‘Evzones’, who gloriously represent fair play. In that framework, eight uniforms are also presented, which are currently used by Evzones, generously provided by the Presidency of the Hellenic Republic.


  • Exhibition Curated by: Vasilios Nikoltsios, Colonel (retired), Special Consultant of the War Museum and Nikolaos Nikoltsios, Museologist
  • Selection of relics-lithographs: Evagelia Palla, Historian, Errica Kokozoglou, Curator of the Museum A. & L. Chaitoglou.
  • Scientific Supervision: Vlasis Vlasidis, Associate Professor of Modern Balkan History, University of Macedonia
  • Set Design: Giannis Katranitsas, Set Designer
  • Organised by: TIF – HELEXPO SA