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87,631 visitors at the 85th TIF

87,631 visitors at the 85th TIF

The restarting of exhibition activity in new health framework was a success

The 85th TIF sent a clear message that of exhibition activity has restarted. Despite the unprecedented health framework and the difficulties of the period, the fair attracted 87,631 visitors and once again made Thessaloniki part of it.

The city centre moved to the beat of the first Covid-free Fair for nine days, and, although traffic was reduced in comparison to the 2019 event, as was expected, it once again fuelled the local economy and was cause for celebration in Thessaloniki. The symbolisms that accompanied the opening of the Fair were especially important, as they show the way for the evolution of exhibition activity until normality has been fully restored.

TIF-Helexpo feels more than ever the need to thank the exhibitors, who trusted it at this difficult juncture, the sponsors, who stood by it, and the visitors, who, despite limitations, toured its pavilions, as well as the media, that promoted it, and its employees, who went above and beyond in the effort to produce a sound exhibition result under unprecedented circumstances.

The 2nd Thessaloniki Helexpo Forum, ‘Planning the day after’, was a great success, with more than 110 speakers and 19 thematic units, providing answers to a series of critical issues that are of concern to society.

We hope that the 86th TIF in 2022 will surpass all expectations and will be organised without the shadow of the pandemic bearing over it. We are renewing our “date” for the Beyond 4.0 technology exhibition to be held from 14 to 16 October at the International Exhibition Centre of Thessaloniki.

The Official Telecommunications Provider of the 85 TIF was Wind, the Official Airline was Aegean, the Official Transport Sponsor was Kosmocar, the Official Energy Provider was the PPC, the Official Bank was the National Bank of Greece, the Beer of the 85th TIF was ‘NYMFI THESSALONIKIS’, and it was all supported with masks provided by the LIAFARM pharmaceutical wholesaler. The concert accommodation sponsor was KAPSIS hotel. As regards the Thessaloniki Helexpo Forum, it was supported by FODSA (Solid Waste Management Agency) of Central Macedonia, while Farcom provided antiseptics.

In the framework of the 85th, TIF-Helexpo partnered with ELINYAE, which trained personnel and exhibitors in how to protect themselves from the coronavirus.