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The 87th TIF presents a multifaceted programme of events

The focus is on culture, the economy, society, technology and sports

The programme of events for the 87th TIF will be multifaceted with a wealth of content, drawing inspiration from culture, the economy, society, technology, and sports, besides its purely exhibition aspect.

Focus will be placed on the participation of Bulgaria as the Honoured Country, framed by a number of events that kick off with the opening of the Bulgarian pavilion, with the participation of renowned musicians the Wladigeroff Brothers and the gold medal-winning Bulgarian rhythmic gymnastics team.

Furthermore, during the 87th TIF visitors to the pavilion of the Honoured Country, Bulgaria, will have the opportunity to attend a multithematic programme. This includes the presentation of the Supercomputer, a world class petascale computer, shows on cutting edge technology in pharmaceuticals, robotics, and virtual reality, as well as educational actions on new methods of learning STEM.

In addition, visitors young and old can participate in shows and workshops on crafts and illustration on glass, fabric, and ceramics by the Faculty of Applied Arts of Sofia, Sliven, and Tryavna. Among other things, visitors to the Bulgarian pavilion will have the opportunity to enjoy:

the string quartet of the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra, the Frosch string quartet, the National Academy of Music ‘Prof. Pancho Vladigeroc’ jazz band, the renowned Arabesque Ballet, a puppet show by the National Academy of Theatre and Cinema (NAFTA), the CSKA Club of Sport Acrobatics, a children’s musical ensemble with bagpipes, live traditional music, and traditional dance shows.

Drawing on the Bulgarian participation, on Monday 11 September a Greece-Bulgaria colloquium will be organised at the ‘Ioannis Vellidis' Congress Centre, aiming to promote and broaden the geopolitical and economic relationships of the two countries.

Among the events of the 87th TIF, stand-outs include the Congress on Natural Disaster Management titled ‘Protecting life-Building resilience’, which will be held on Wednesday 13 September at the Ioannis Vellidis’ Congress Centre, organised by the Economist in partnership with TIF-HELEXPO.

Another singular event this year, is the ‘Thessaloniki through collections’ exhibition, which will host collections of renowned collectors on the theme of Thessaloniki and its monuments, organised by TIF-Helexpo and MC Salonica, which will be open to the public throughout the duration of the 87th TIF at the Pavilion of the Nations (6). On the last four days of the 87th TIF (14-17 September), the 2nd Collectibles’ EXPO 2023 will be held at the same pavilion by TIF-HELEXPO in partnership with MC Salonica, on exchanging and promoting collections and artefacts by traders and collectors.

Sports will also be in attendance at the 87th TIF. From 11 to 15 September, the ‘TIF 5X5 Football Tournament’ will be held, with the message ‘No to violence’. Daily 5X5 football matches will be held on a pitch to be set up inside the TIF. The tournament will include matches between Thessaloniki Academies with children aged 8-12, matches between journalists and artists, directors, camera operators from Thessaloniki, matches between veteran footballers from Thessaloniki teams (PAOK-Aris-Iraklis-Apollon Kalamarias), matches between girls’ teams aged 12-15 from Thessaloniki Academies, and matches between teams of

executives from major companies and organisations participating in the TIF.

The 87th TIF includes dozens more interesting, entertaining, and educational events, and it invites the audience to discover them.