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-19/9/2021 - 16:00-21:00
Περίπτερο 2

HADO -Augmented reality in sports!

HADO is the world's first techno-sport to introduce Augmented Reality (AR) technology to sports. In a real 6x10 meter court, HADO enables players to create energy balls and shields with their own hands.

The game with simple rules, it composes a sport with inexhaustible attack and defense strategies, making players have to use not only their physical power, but also their strategic thinking. HADO leads the future of sports gathering thousands of players and spectators around the world in a sport that will shine.

Today it has a presence in 26 countries and creates a global community with more than 250 arenas and countless teams, while it is also one of the pioneers in the application of 5G technology.

In this game, there is no physical contact of the players and it observes all the health protocols of the pandemic that we go through.