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Kaly Stasinou, Bollywood Dance

Kaly Stasinou, Bollywood Dance

The magic of Bollywood dance will come alive during the 84th TIF by Kalliopi Stasinou, with dance performances that will "take the audience on a trip" to beautiful India.

Visitors will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the different versions of Bollywood dance, the dance of "Absolute Joy" as it is characterized, during this year's TIF, on September 13rd, 14th and 15th.

Combining traditional Indian dance with elements from the western culture, Bollywood is an intensely theatrical, dynamic and positive-energy dance, sometimes upbeat and rhythmic and sometimes nostalgic and erotic.

Director of Bollywood Dance is Kalliopi Stasinou, known in the professional field as a choreographer at Kavala Dance School, member and certified teacher of the 1st Bollywood Academy in Greece, as well as an organizer of the Bollywood & Oriental Festival in Kavala.

The groups of dancers, aged 5 to 50, will present a different program each day and will perform on Friday (13/9) at 18:00, on Saturday (14/9) at 12:00 and on Sunday  (15/9) at 12:00.