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Political-economic forum organized by TIF-Helexpo on the days of the 85th TIF

Political-economic forum organized by TIF-Helexpo

The national exhibition organizer continues to be on the ramparts, planning the future.

The preservation of Public Health goes beyond any financial dimension and in this context the 85th TIF will not take place this September. However, the leading Institution of Thessaloniki, which has 94 years of history counting 84 editions of the Fair, will not remain silent, as on the days during which the Fair was planned, TIF-Helexpo will organize a political-economic forum, declaring itself present in the rapid developments of the recent months.

TIF-Helexpo continues to be on the ramparts, planning the future, despite the adverse conditions, elaborating a series of new ideas and actions, in order to be ready for the day after. Besides, the exhibition activity will not stop, as it constitutes a catalyst for economic growth in our country.

The national exhibition organizer would like to thank all exhibitors and sponsors who, despite the difficult and unprecedented situation, showed confidence in TIF and declared their participation in the Fair, recognizing its importance both on a symbolic and economic- business level. TIF-Helexpo would like to express its special thanks to the organizers of the German participation for their full support until the very last moment.

TIF has gone through a lot in the nine decades of its lifespan and will face this new challenge creatively, with the support of its employees, customers, associates, the Institutions of the city and of course Thessaloniki itself.