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Natural Disasters Management Summit

Conference: Natural Disasters Management Summit
“Protecting lives – Building resilience”

September 13th 2023 | “Ioannis Vellidis” Congress Centre, Thessaloniki

The impact of natural disasters and our concomitant response have been at the heart of the debate and a key issue in the global agenda, also due to the growing consequences of the climate crisis, among others. Within this context, the optimum strategy for the protection of human lives along with the reduction of risks have become part of the global discussion on our society’s and economy’s sustainability and resilience.

While the climate crisis makes the line between natural and man-made disasters far less distinct, the need for a comprehensive strategy to efficiently manage and mitigate natural hazards risks emerges as urgent. Moreover, factors such as urbanisation and demographic changes, developments in the construction industry, the role of big data and artificial intelligence, the volunteers’ part as well as important relevant ethical and social issues must be taken into account in this discussion. Governments, international institutions, national civil protection authorities, health-care providers and insurance organisations, the banking and business sector, academics, experts and of course the citizens themselves, all have a say in shaping this strategy.

Within this context the Economist Impact Events have great pleasure in announcing the organisation of the Natural Disasters Management Summit entitled “Protecting lives – Building resilience”, which is going to take place on September 13th in Thessaloniki.